Masculinities has gone mainstream in the podcasting world. With the addition of the Man Enough show, hosted by actor-director Justin Baldoni and journalist Liz Plank, there’s a growing appetite for better understanding men. But Baldoni and Plank were not the first podcast to address masculinity or gender equality. Whether you prefer more formalized, evidence-based podcasts or casual, candid conversations, the podcasts below have something for everyone. If you know of masculinities podcasts readers should know about, please write sarah at

Now and Men

Now and Men logoWhat is it like to be a man in the 21st century? Hear from practitioners, researchers, and activists ready to discuss masculinity and gender equality with men. Stephen Burrell and Sandy Ruxton are the expert hosts from the Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse at Durham University in Northern England. Now and Men offers deep insights into topics ranging from preventing violence against women to supporting men’s health. One of their listeners described Now and Men as “A fantastic bit of public sociology…pushing forward conversations about masculinities and gender.”

Favorite episodes: Militarism and Military Masculinities: Why Do They Matter?; Let Toys Be Toys: Gender Stereotypes and Boys.

Guests: Feminist writer and researcher Nikki van der Gaag, Dr. Mike Ward, senior lecturer in Social Sciences at Swansea University; Owen Thomas, Head of the Programs with Fathers at the nonprofit, Future Men; Peter Baker, director of the Global Action on Men’s Health Network; and Bob Pease, adjunct professor at the Institute for Social Change at the University of Tasmania.

Breaking the Boy Code

Breaking the Boy Code logoNext Gen Men’s Jonathon Reed’s Breaking the Boy Code podcast revolves around the experiences of adolescent boys, amplifying youth voices in the conversation about masculinity. The most recent season focuses on 11-year-old Louis sharing his story of bullying, friendship, and boyhood.

Favorite episodes: New School, New Friends; In That Moment You’re Scared: Boys and Hazing; I Miss Him So Much: Boys and Friendship.

Guests: Preteen boys sharing their stories of friendship, boyhood, mental health.

Modern Manhood

Modern Manhood logoWith a profeminist viewpoint, German Villegas’ Modern Manhood podcast investigates how masculinity has changed throughout our lives and what the future looks like for gender equality. Each episode untangles systemic issues, explores broad experiences and perspectives of men, and concentrates on the hopes for masculinities.

Favorite episodes: ”Men are from Mars”: Gender Essentialism; Boys and Sports; and Failing at Sex Ed.

Guests: psychologist-author Michael Reichert, author Cleo Stiller, and parent, developmental expert and writer, Jordan Shapiro.

Revealing Men

Revealing Men logoThe Revealing Men podcast pulls back the curtain to reveal the inner lives of men. Hosted by Randy Flood, psychotherapist and director of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, coauthor of Mascupathy. Each episode offers an inspiring vision for men to live a more balanced, authentic life that reveals their true self.

Favorite episodes: Emotional Challenges Men Face While Aging; A Conversation About Men’s Challenges with Intimacy and Sexuality; How to Be a Better Father.

Guests: Therapist Joe Kohley; film producer, author, and psychoanalyst, Dr. Richard Raubolt; and assistant vice president and dean of students at Michigan State University, Anthony Williams Jr.

Let’s Talk, Bruh

Let’s Talk, Bruh logoLet’s Talk, Bruh keeps the masculinity conversation lively with engaging conversations between host Jeremy Herte and guests from different expertise and backgrounds. Their conversations focus on the healing and learning experiences of Black men as they unpack weighty topics including mental health, relationships, and our changing culture.

Favorite episodes: Black Men Talking About Love; Yes, We’re Talking About Black Male Privilege Again; Questioning Culture, and Modeling Vulnerability.

Guests: Duke University professor Dr. Anthony Neal, activist Lex Numan, founder of Black Feminist Future Paris Hatcher.


MASKulinity logoThe Brooklyn-based duo of Samantha Nzessi and Remoy Philip give listeners a front row seat for their sometimes loud, urgent banter about masculinity. Each episode finds them exploring current takes on what masculinity means to our society, including: what, if any, good the construction of masculinity has actually been for men. Sometimes they look at how the latest movies, television shows and sports trends are helping or hurting the gender. Each week they invite men to take off the MASK that is masculinity.

Favorite episodes: Romance: Getting the Girl; Fatherhood, Performance and Labor: A Family Portrait; All Work, No Play: the Maskuline Way.

Guests: former COO of the National Institute of Reproductive Health, Andrew Stern; Pulitizer Prize winning–author Greg Pardlo; business coach and author Robert Kandell.

Oreja Peluda

Oreja Peluda logoOreja Peluda is a Spanish podcast that rethinks masculinities. Listen to host Daniel Pérez, talk with guests about how masculinity is in the process of transformation in a society marked by sexist violence.

Favorite episode: En Busca De La Sexualidad, El Pene Ideal, Corporalidad Digital.

Guests: Medical director of Fundación Marie Stopes México Alfonso Carrera; sexologist and therapist Agustina Soria.

In Search of the New Compassionate Male

In Search of the New Compassionate Male logoA former Marine, Clay Boykin believes a “new compassionate male is emerging in the world as a new archetype.” His podcast, which he produces with Dennis Tarden, features interviews with both men and women who are exploring and chronicling this new development in manhood and masculinities: the evolution of men.

Favorite episodes: Dr. Karambu Ringera on Peacebuilding, Women’s Human’s Rights and Global Leadership; Richard Tarnass on Men Compassion, and Our Changing World.

Guests: Cultural historian Dr. Riane Eisler, “From Domination to Partnership”; Retired journalism professor Robert Jensen, The Pornography Crisis; Voice Male magazine editor Rob Okun, The Anti-Sexist Men’s Movement.

Entre Hombres

Entre Hombres logoA decades-old program on Mexico’s Radio Educacion, Entre Hombres explores topics including gender equality, men and feminism, fatherhood, men’s health, and the movement for gender equity in Mexico and Latin America.

Favorite episodes: Dr. Rafael Montesinos, “When violence is invisible to us, it is because we are part of it”; Alejandro Núñez on narcoculture, “Extreme hypermasculinity and the cultural diamond model.”

Guests: Benno de Keijzer, a doctor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and professor in public health, gender and health studies and art and community at the University of Veracruzana; Rosalía Carillo Meráz, Ph.D. in social sciences at the Research Institute in Education at the University of Veracruzana.

Remaking Manhood

 Remaking Manhood logoA counterbalance to society’s narrow set of rules for how to be a man, Remaking Manhood chooses a masculinity of connection over one of isolation and violence. Hosted by Mark Greene and Charles Mattheus, episodes invite listeners in on a range of conversations aimed at breaking out of the man box.

Favorite episodes: Paul Kivel on Why Ending Violence Against Women Demands Men Do Our “Work”; Co-creating Fatherhood with Our Children, with Brian Anderson, cofounder of Fathering Together.

Guests: Jason Rogers, Olympic medalist whose writing and speaking focuses on the evolving state of masculinity, including men’s mental health; Judy Chu, author of When Boys Become Boys; Ray Arata, founder of the Better Man conference.


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