The Republican Party must decide between Trump and chemo. The media needs to ignore “the private citizen.”

Anyone who believes Trump should run for president also believes in Groundhog Day and wants a one-way ticket to the past. We probably won’t recognize the world in 2024. Who could imagine 2020?

The future is unknown not known. We know actually what type of president Trump would be. No more waiting for him to “act” presidential. We now know the past; we just must not forget it.

What we are presently witnessing is a transformation—the Republican Party into the White Nationalist Party. No secret here. No secret there. If you thought a Muslim ban was unbelievable wait until you see the new signs that say “White Only” or “No Chinese allowed.” Fascism should never become fashionable.

Beware of white fists in black gloves. Learn Japanese if you get shipped to an internment camp or Spanish if you can’t climb a wall. For the rest of us—be afraid but find your spine and the courage to fight back.

Everyday build. Every election vote. If you race against racism—don’t lose. Our nation is not simply “Biden” its time. We are struggling to keep breathing. We must take back the air—and America.

Work to keep the promise and find the paradise. Patriotism without Brotherhood and Sisterhood is not love. We either build community or embrace chaos. The Beloved community is just beyond the horizon. If we have faith and not fear we can reach it. Don’t let anyone who wishes to be a Dictator stand in the way.

It is time to embrace the Whitman in our souls and sing the new spirituals. Yes, I hear this nation singing. Help me to believe. Oh Tubman, come lead me out of darkness.

—E. Ethelbert Miller


E. Ethelbert Miller is author of two memoirs, several collections of poetry, editor of Poet Lore magazine, and host of the weekly WPFW radio show On the Margin. He is also a member of Voice Male’s national advisory board.