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Of Mice and Men
Scientists report that trials with mice indicate male birth control has been 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy.

How Do Boys Fit into Cancel Culture, Feminism and #MeToo?
By Jonathon Reed
The theme of the Summit centered around issues that boys are concerned about.

Tune In to These Masculinities Podcasts
By Sarah Andrews
There’s a growing appetite for better understanding men.

The Future of Journalism Is Trending Feminist
By Monica Cole
“Ni una más,” (Not one more [femicide]) and “Ni una menos” (Not one less [taken from us]) are both chants and the goal for women protesting femicide in Mexico and throughout Central and South America.

“You Changed the Culture, Not Just the Law”
By Joe Biden
When President Biden met at the White House in March with advocates, survivors, and legislators to celebrate the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, he told them, “Change the culture, not just the law.”

Will Smith’s Slap Harmed the Antisexist Men’s Movement
By Rob Okun
Smith apologized to Rock saying: “I was out of line and I was wrong. My actions were not indicative of the man I want to be.”

Men’s Voices from Spain, Sweden and the UK
By Sandy Ruxton
I set out to develop an understanding of the factors that support men to take a public stance against men’s violence against women.

Putin, Manhood, and Mad Coward Disease
By Rob Okun
During Women’s History Month in March, in an act of unthinkable atrocity, Mad Vlad Putin began indiscriminately killing women and children across Ukraine. Men, too, of course.

Eve’s Choice: Patriarchy No Longer Rules
By Robert C. Koehler
This is our cultural infrastructure—a.k.a., the patriarchy—ten thousand or so years in the making.

Teaching Accountability with Respect
By John Ungerleider and Bill-Pelz Walsh
Designed to help men examine their violence and controlling behaviors towards women, Taking Responsibility calls on men to identify and take responsibility for abuses of power.

The First Time I Told Someone
By Richard Jeffrey Newman
I never knew his name.


From the Editor
Making “Impregnators” Pay Their Fair Share
Making wrongful conception a civil offense would allow pregnant people to financially recover 50 percent of all pregnancy-related costs.


Men @ Work

Saying Goodbye to “Mr. Mom”
By Allan Shedlin
In 1994, I coined the term “daddying” to describe active, involved, exuberant male parenting. It conveys the sense of it as being a lifelong process.

Comic Rant
By George Carlin
The late comedian and social critic George Carlin’s incisive observations about the “pro-life” movement are as on point today as they were when he first shared them with audiences in 1996.

Book Review
Charting a New Culture of Consent
By Jonathon Reed
Creating Consent Culture earns its name as a “handbook for educators.”

Poetry Ocean Vuong’s Time is a Mother is a True Magic Trick
By Anjanette Delgado
Once in a while, a book is poetry in its purest form, meaning it doesn’t need the stanza, or the verse, a simple break of the line will do.