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Can Men Be Feminists? And Other Questions Men Ask
By Jamie Utt abd Jenika McCrayer
The website “Everyday Feminism” ( explores the nuances of patriarchal oppression. Sometimes, though, they step back from the complexities of feminist thought to help readers better access, understand, and hopefully embrace feminism…

Including Boys in Campus Sexual Assault Prevention
By Karen Galbraith
It would be easy for me to say that the theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month back in April—Preventing Campus Sexual Assault—had nothing to do with me. For one thing, it’s been 20 years since I was a college student, and for another, my kids have years to go until they even begin to submit their college applications…

Ethel Rosenberg at 100: My Grandmother Was Vilified for Being a Woman
By Jenn Meeropol
If she were alive today, Ethel Rosenberg would turn 100 on September 28th. That month will also mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Rosenberg Fund for Children…

First Prevent, Then End, Child Marriage
Acknowledging that child, early, and forced marriage presents a serious and persistent violation of the rights of young women and girls and causes irreparable damage to victims and society as a whole, participants at a human rights conference in May in Rwanda signed the Kigali Declaration at a gathering of members of the African Commonwealth…

Ending Violence in Turkey and Beyond
By Murat Goc
Patriarchy and masculine violence have secured their throne in Turkey, even though some (hilariously) hailed the president as a “revolutionary” who tore down the towers of hegemonic masculinity…

Hillary Clinton and the “Quincy Solution” to Prevent Domestic Violence
By Barry Goldstein and Maralee McLean
An innovative community antiviolence program that has helped communities, including Quincy, MA., Nashville, TN., and San Diego, CA., effectively respond to domestic abuse offers “an enormous opportunity” to presidential candidates—and others running for office—say longtime domestic violence prevention advocates Barry Goldstein and Maralee McLean…

Female Online Harassment Is Terrorism. Period.
By Annie Thériault
Several months ago I was on television speaking about rape culture. It was shortly after the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi (the former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program host and musician) had come to light. He is on trial for seven counts of sexual assault lodged by six women…

Far too Often Male Victims of Sexual Assault Keep Mum
Sexual assaults on men are rarely reported to authorities, a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll of current and recent college students discovered. Survey results revealed one in 20 men said they were sexually assaulted while in school…

The Invisible Masculinities of Indian Men
By Shannon Philip
As a young boy growing up in India, I went to an all-boys school. Sports and particularly football and cricket were a major part of our school ethos. Being a slightly bookish boy, I was never very interested in either. I remember one particular day when I was around 14. Our sports instructor was particularly irritated with my lack of interest in playing sports with the other boys…

India: A Hard Place to Be a Woman
By Mel Gurtov
A democracy is supposed to have the advantage of affording people of any social class, gender, or religious or ethnic group the opportunity to advance. In contrast with authoritarian political orders, democracies should be superior in their openness to change, to everyone’s participation in politics, and to equality before the law…

Masculinity, Compassion, and Self-Compassion
By Edward M. Adams
Athenians prayed to Eleos, the goddess of mercy and compassion. The intersession of Eleos was considered helpful to cope with the unpredictable and painful twists and turns of life…

Columns & Opinion

From the Editor
A Brothers’ Journey
By Rob Okun
He’s gone. He’s gone. I kept repeating those unreal words on the half-hour drive home that rainy Thursday night. Since I’d been at a meeting, my wife was alone when she answered the door for the police officer who’d come looking for me. He had bad news: my older brother Stuart had suffered a heart attack and was dead. It was March 26, just a few days after we’d returned from New Orleans where we’d gone to meet our recently born second grandson...


Men @ Work

Black Masculinity Matters
By Damon Hastings
A barber is having a playful back and forth with a young boy getting a buzz cut at the busy Style Master’s Barber Shop and Beauty Salon in Wilson, North Carolina. The sign outside advertises “Afro cuts” and “Mustache trims,” among other, mostly male, styles. A slide flashes on the screen informing us that 10 women in the U.S. are sexually assaulted in the time it takes to get a haircut…


Da Rules
By Em Allison, Marvin Hodges & Saidu Tejan-Thomas