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MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium


Finding Ubuntu in the Work of Transforming Masculinities Elsie Odero Ubuntu means the power of our humanity; what empowers me, empowers you; what diminishes me, diminishes you.

Transforming Youth Power to Benefit Humanity Aisha Uwase “Being young doesn’t always mean you can’t think big.” –Marie Yvette Nyiransabimana

Rwandan Men and Boys Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Gender Violence Ange Iliza, Juliette Karitanyi and Honnete Isimbi HDI works to promote gender equality and create a world free from violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women, girls, and individuals of all gender identities.

What “Inner Work” for Social Change Can Mean for MenEngage Alliance—and All of Us Oswaldo Montoya Inner work is essential for peace, forgiveness and accountability.

Telework, Childcare and the Pandemic: Where Are the Fathers? Norma E. Silva Sá While women who participated in the study emphasized the stress involved in combining telework with childcare, men described telework as presenting them with an opportunity to be closer to their children.

Family Planning and the Pressures South Asian Men Face Aishwarya Sahay and Kuhika Seth On the one hand, masculine expectations accord men superior status; on the other, that status pressures men to fulfill a range of expectations.

How Men’s Personal Stories Can Help to Dismantle Patriarchy Jocelyn Lehrer To help advance gender equality, health and social justice around the world, I believe we need critical masses of men—everywhere, and of all walks of life—to step forward and share their own, personal stories…

What Can Men Do to Help End FGM? Khopotso Bodibe Although across Africa 26 countries have laws that prohibit FGM, most are not just inadequate but are seldom enforced.

North American MenEngage: From Intersectional to Decolonizing Shane Joseph NAMEN is at a critical moment in its evolution, a time of reflection and commitment to examining its efforts through the twin lenses of intersectionality and decolonization.


State-Sponsored Strangulation Is Still Strangulation
Greg Loughlin
In 2014, the state of Georgia made it plain: strangling is against the law. Backed by a broad…

The “Other” White Men
Rob Okun
Joe Biden is an unlikely poster boy for a kinder, gentler manhood. Nevertheless he is a good choice, providing a lot of cover for white men—and BIPOC allies—to stand behind a platform promoting a new masculinity.

Men Saying No to “Tradition” of Gender Violence in Cambodia
Matt Blomberg
Rem Ran is among 30 men coached by the NGO Gender and Development for Cambodia to identify and root out violence against women.

“What’s a Man?” Masculinity in India and Beyond
An interview with Anand Giridharadas

Deepa Narayan
There seems to be right now at least two competing visions of masculinity: one of the strong man or the alpha man, what used to be called the patriarch, and then there’s something else that’s emerging.


From the Editor
Ubuntu! Building the Beloved Community Around the World
MenEngage global gatherings are where activists from around the world chart next steps in advancing gender equality and achieving a feminist-informed approach to working with men and boys. But they are more than that.


Tubman, Lead Us Out of Darkness
E. Ethelbert Miller
We now know the past; we just must not forget it.

Men @ Work

Pity the Nation
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(After Khalil Gibran)

Abandoned: Memories of a Teenage Father
Kern Carter
Years later, I finally considered all the thoughts that must’ve been swirling through her mind as she smiled and waved goodbye to that bus.

Crying: A Father’s Untapped Super Power
Allan Shedlin
We’ve still got a long way to go for boys and men not to feel that crying is a sign of weakness.