Breaking the Silence on Sex Abuse
Manhood After Penn State
White Ribbon’s Culture of Peace
Living and Loving with E.D.
What Kind of Man Am I?
Still Afraid of Feminism?



White Ribbon Campaign: Men and Boys Creating a Culture of Nonviolence
Rob Okun

I Wish I Had Done More
Joe Ehrmann

Breaking the Silence on Sex Abuse
Interview with Randy Ellison

Redefining Manhood After Penn State
Rob Okun

Speaking Out about Staying Silent
Donna Jenson

What Kind of Man Am I?
Jason Sperber

Women Supporting Men Supporting Men
Frederick Marx

Sexual Assault: It’s War
Randy Ellison

Columns & Opinion

From the Editor
Where Are Men’s Voices in the Fight for Women’s Health?
Rob Okun

Men & Feminism
Why Are Some Men Still Afraid of Feminism?
Michael Kaufman

What She Knows: One Woman’s Way Through Incest
Rob Okun

Living and Loving with Erectile Dysfunction
By “George”

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism
S is for Sports
Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel

The Invisible War: Exposing Rape in U.S. Military
Sharon Waxman

A Practical Guide to Yes Means Yes
Jane Fleishman

Playing Games with Gender Violence
Fivel Rothberg