For Young Men
On Masculinity
For Men of Color
For Fathers
Men and Feminism
Men’s Health
Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
Overcoming Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
Men’s Resource Centers

For Young Men

Advocates for Youth

Helps young people make informed and responsible decisionsa about their reproductive and sexual health

Amplify Your Voice

A youth-driven community working for social change

Boys to Men

Initiation weekends and follow-up mentoring for boys 12-17 to guide them on their journey to manhood

Men As Peacemakers

Men As Peacemakers engages individuals and communities in Minnesota and beyond, by mobilizing existing community resources and developing innovative primary prevention and restorative justice strategies that are proven to significantly reduce and repair the harm caused by men.


Through workshops, trainings, presentations, consultations and performance, Phallacies, Inc. engages in critical conversations, builds awareness, and takes action to reject unhealthy mainstream cultural messages about masculinity, fostering physical and emotional health and community well-being.

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

Provides comprehensive, holistic and long-term support and rites of passage programming to youth ages 8-22

YCteen Magazine

A magazine written by New York City teens that helps marginalized youth reach their full potential through reading and writing

On Masculinity

American Men’s Studies Association

Advancing the critical study of men and masculinities


CulturaSalud blog dedicated to social research and development, programs and networks on issues of masculinity and gender equity. In Spanish

ManKind Project

New Warrior training weekends

MERGE for Equality

MERGE seeks to build upon healthy forms of masculinity by promoting a shift in how boys are socialized from a young age and engaged later in life as men.


Pro-feminist blog about the anthropology of masculinity. In Spanish

Menstuff: The National Men’s Resource

National clearinghouse of information and resources for men

The Men’s Bibliography

Comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities
listing 14,000 works

The Men’s Story Project

Resources for creating public dialogue about masculinities through local storytelling and arts

Profeminist men’s web links (over 500 links)
Profeminist men’s politics, frequently asked questions:
Profeminist e-mail list:
Homophobia and masculinities among young men:

For Men of Color

100 Black Men of America, Inc.

Chapters around the U.S. working on youth development and economic empowerment in the African American community

Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence

A national resource center on domestic violence, sexual violence, trafficking, and other forms of gender-based violence in Asian and Pacific Islander communities

Concerned Black Men

A national organization providing mentors and programs that fill the void of positive black role models and provide opportunities for academic and career enrichment

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community

Working to enhance society’s understanding of and ability to end violence in the African-American community

Looking Beyond Hypermasculinity to Address Domestic Violence in Communities of Color

Article by the Department of Psychology at Pepperdine University, containing embedded resources.

National Compadres Network

Reinforcing the positive involvement of Latino males in their lives, families, communities, and society

National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities

A project of Casa de Esperanza and a national institute on domestic violence focusing on Latin communities

For Fathers

Dad Man

Consulting, training, speaking about fathers and father figures as a vital family resource

Dads and Daughters

A blog of thoughts and reflections on father-daughter relationships by Joe Kelly

Fathers with Divorce and Custody Concerns

Looking for a lawyer? Call your state bar association lawyer referral agency.
Useful websites include:

Collaborative Divorce

Fathers and Family Law: Myths and Facts

Debunking common myths regarding fathering and family law and providing facts directly from the research

Fathers and Sons

Relational fathering experiential workshops are designed for fathers and adolescent or adult sons to enhance their relationships and communications. In a comfortable, low-key atmosphere, fathers and sons learn about themselves and each other. For more information see web site: relational

Feminist Father

Resources for dads seeking to raise fully realized human beings with a mindfulness to how gender socialization affects parenting and children

National Fatherhood Initiative

Organization improve the well-being of children through the promotion of responsible, engaged fatherhood

National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute

Addresses the needs of Latino communities by focusing on positive Latino identity while addressing issues faced by Latino fathers, families, and communities

Men and Feminism

Men and Feminism

Blog about men and feminism

National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)

Pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist activist organization supporting positive changes for men

Men’s Health

American Addiction Centers (AAC)

A national organization dedicated to helping people with their mental health and substance abuse problems:

American Journal of Men’s Health

A peer-reviewed quarterly resource for information regarding men’s health and illness

International Society for Men’s Health

Prevention campaigns and health initiatives promoting men’s health


Volunteer men’s cancer support group and advocacy national nonprofit organization providing resources in multiple languages

Male Health Center

– Lewisville, TX
Provides men with an integrated system of care that addresses all their needs

Men’s Health Network

National organization promoting men’s health

Prostate Health Guide

Offers a guide to the prostate and various conditions that can affect men’s health

World Health Organization HIV/AIDS

Provides evidence-based, technical support for comprehensive and sustainable responses to HIV/AIDS

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault


Provides resources for male sexual abuse survivors and their family members, friends, and partners

A national organization advocating for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Legal support, advocacy, and free resources.

Black Sexual Abuse Survivors

A national online support system for African-Americans

Giving and Receiving Guidance and Hope

A page of brief stories written by men who were sexually abused.

Innerbody’s Male Survivor Guide

Resource Guide for Male Survivors of Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Trauma

Just Detention International

A health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention, by advocating for the safety and well-being of inmates


National organization overcoming sexual victimization of boys and men

Men Healing

MenHealing provides resources, including weekend retreats, for male-identified individuals age 18 plus who have experienced sexual trauma during childhood or as adults.

Men Thriving

A peer-resource offered to male survivors by male survivors.

Stop It Now!

An organization dedicated to preventing the sexual abuse of children by providing support, information and resources to keep children safe and create healthier communities

Overcoming Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

1in4: The Men’s Program

Offers workshops that educates men in women’s recovery and lowers men’s rape myth acceptance and self-reported likelihood of raping

A Call to Men

Trainings and conferences on ending violence against women

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

An organization that works to end human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide

Domestic Violence Awareness Guide

List of resources and information about domestic violence.


Counseling and education to stop domestic violence; comprehensive batterers’ services

Equality Now

An organization that works with grassroots women’s and human rights organizations and individual activists to document violence and discrimination against women, and mobilize international action to support efforts to stop these abuses.

First Man Standing

An opportunity for men everywhere to be the first in their family, club, church or workplace to stand up and speak out about building h3 relationships and ending violence against women.

Futures Without Violence

Working to end violence against women globally; programs for boys, men and fathers
Resources for mentoring young men on respect and healthy relationships and choices. Especially aimed at athletic coaches:

Gender Violence Institute

A resource development and consulting firm founded in 1993 to end violence against all women. An understanding of the connection between violence, power, and privilege guides our intervention and prevention efforts to end sexual and domestic violence, and support gender justice.

Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse

Gloucester, Mass. volunteer advocacy group of men’s voices against domestic abuse and sexual assault.

A Guide To Workplace Bullying

A guide that explores what steps both employees and employers can take to overcome and stamp out a bullying culture in the workplace.

Healthy Dating

Sexual Assault Prevention


A movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world. It advocates the use of smartphones to document, map and share incidents of street harassment

Hopeline (by Verizon)

An initiative run by Verizon Wireless, which collects and refurbishes or recycles no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories. Refurbished phones are either sold, with the proceeds going to domestic violence organizations, or donated to victims and survivors of domestic violence

Men for Gender Equality

A Swedish NGO in the field of engaging men and boys in gender equality and violence prevention, through focusing on social norms of masculinities. In Swedish.

Mending the Sacred Hoop

Works to end violence against Native American women and to strengthen the voice and vision of Native peoples

MenEngage Alliance

An international alliance promoting boys’ and men’s support for gender equality

Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV)

Men working in the struggle to end sexual violence

Men Against Violence

Yahoo email list

Men Can Stop Rape

Washington, D.C.-based national advocacy and training organization mobilizing male youth to prevent violence against women

Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc.

Statewide Massachusetts effort coordinating men’s anti-violence activities

Men’s Nonviolence Project

Texas Council on Family Violence’s-nonviolence-project

Men Stopping Violence

Atlanta-based organization working to end violence against women, focusing on stopping battering, and ending rape and incest

Mentors in Violence Prevention

Gender violence prevention education and training by Jackson Katz
The MVP-National Facebook page:
Jackson Katz’s other website, featuring the program that he directs:
Educational outreach in the Greater-Boston area:

National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

Provides education and public awareness of the effects of domestic violence, especially on children.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

An organization that helps professionals who work with victims and perpetrators. Their resource list includes info about male victims of domestic and sexual violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Provides a coordinated community response to domestic violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Provides 24-hour support, offering advocacy, safety planning, and crisis intervention, information and referral to victims of domestic violence, perpetrators, friends and families
Phone number: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).
Advocates who are Deaf are available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST):
Videophone: 1-855-812-1001
Instant messenger: DeafHotline

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

A national information and resource hub relating to all aspects of sexual violence

National Resource Center on Violence Against Women

An online collection of searchable materials and resources on domestic violence, sexual violence, and related issues

Ohio University resource guide: The Complicated Role of Alcohol in Crimes of Abuse and Domestic Violence

Facts about intimate partner violence and resources to reduce violence and abuse.

One in Four

An all-male sexual assault peer education group dedicated to preventing rape


Uses online media to build community among people engaged in efforts to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence


Brazilian NGO seeking to promote gender equality and end violence against women, children, and youth

Prostitution Research & Education (PRE)

An organization dedicated to abolishing the institution of prostitution that conducts research on prostitution, pornography and trafficking and offers education and consultation to researchers, survivors, the public and policymakers

Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)

A national anti-sexual assault organization

Sexual Violence Prevention 101

Sexual assault and domestic violence prevention workshops by Todd Denny

Sonke Gender Justice (South Africa)

A non-partisan, non-profit organization using a human rights framework to build the capacity of government, civil society organizations and citizens to achieve gender equality, prevent gender-based violence and reduce the spread of HIV and the impact of AIDS.

Stop Porn Culture

A group for those willing to question and fight against pornography and porn culture

Students Active For Ending Rape

Organization dedicated to fighting sexual violence and rape culture by empowering student-led campaigns to reform college sexual assault policies

Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

A guide from, an organization dedicated to connecting people seeking addiction treatment to the resources they need to succeed.


Global movement to end violence against women and girls, including V-men, male activists in the movement

Voices of Men

A one-man educational comedy by Ben Atherton-Zeman working to end men’s violence against women

White Ribbon Campaign

International men’s campaign decrying violence against women


LGBTQ-specific addiction and treatment content from, a professional web guide that connects individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options.

Ambiente Joven

An advocacy project and LGBTQ community for Spanish-speaking LGBTQ youth

Beyond Masculinity

Collection of essays by queer men on gender and politics


National movement of people with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer parent working toward social justice through youth empowerment, leadership development, education, and advocacy

Drug Helpline

The LGBTQ Addiction Guide Drug Helpline is a 24/7 addiction hotline with resources tailored for LGBTQ individuals

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

Works to combat homophobia and discrimination in television, film, music and all media outlets

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

Provides crisis intervention, support and resources for victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Hear My Voice

Educates and engages young people in the LGBTQ community to create safe and healthy relationship, and connect victims of dating abuse to help and legal services.

Human Rights Campaign

Largest GLBT political group in the country


Clearinghouse for information on pride events worldwide

Intersex Society of North America

Devoted to systemic change to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with an anatomy that someone decided is not standard for male or female

LGBTQ+ Drug Rehab

Drug rehab resources for LGBTQ+ people and allies.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

National progressive political and advocacy group

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

Resource center aimed at improving the quality of service and supports offered to LGBT older adults

Oasis Magazine

A writing community for queer and questioning youth

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Promotes the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ persons and their parents, friends, and families

The Recovery Village® Domestic Violence Resources

An organization with locations across the country, dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Straight Spouse Network

Provides personal, confidential support and information to heterosexual spouses/partners, current or former, of GLBT individuals

Survivor Project

A non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of intersex and trans* survivors of domestic and sexual violence

Transgender Resources

Dedicated to educating those unfamiliar with or curious to learn more about the transgender community

Men’s Resource Centers

Austin Men’s Center

– Austin, TX
Provides counseling, psychotherapy, and classes helping men with their lives, relationships, health, and careers

Males Advocating for Change

– Worcester, MA
Center with groups and services supporting men and challenging men’s violence

Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan

– West Michigan
Consultations and training in helping men develop their full humanity, create respectful and loving relationships, and caring and safe communities

Redwood Men’s Center

– Santa Rosa, CA
A mythopoetic gathering dedicated to filling the need for men to come together in community healing

Saskatoon Men’s Center

– Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Pro-feminist, male-positive, gay-affirmative center dedicated to offering a safe environment where men may explore their true natures and improve their health

Twin Cities Men’s Center

– Minneapolis, MN
Provides resources for men seeking to grow in mind, body, and spirit and advocates for healthy family and community relationships