We call on the US Congress to protect federal law for the right to abortion, for all women, girls, and people who can become pregnant. We call on lawmakers in Texas to immediately repeal Texas law SB8.

We call on other states to open access for women, girls, and people who can become pregnant as individuals from Texas seeking critical abortion services.

We call on men and boys, in all their diversities and at all levels of society— especially men in positions of power and policymaking—to stand up and speak out alongside and in favor of the rights of all women, girls, and people with diverse identities to make the choices that are best for their bodies, their lives.

MenEngage Alliance and North American MenEngage Network commit to continue to stand against any policy that limits anyone, anywhere, to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies and lives, including decisions about pregnancy and abortion. We commit to the critical task of centering and elevating the agency, voices, analysis, and demands of girls and women of color, black, indigenous, lesbian, gay, transgender, youth, and nonbinary individuals—who are at the margins of the margin—to access to safe and legal abortion, and care. We together commit to stand in solidarity and follow the leadership of feminist and sexual and reproductive health and rights leaders in this joint global struggle.