In the four decades since women invited men to work to end men’s violence against women—and to transform restrictive, conventional masculinity into an openhearted reimagined masculinities—a growing number of grassroots organizations, practical initiatives and innovative projects have emerged around the world.

The Resource section presented here emphasizes men’s antiviolence efforts. While no list could possibly be complete, “Men and Gender Equality” is wide-ranging and global in scope. We welcome you to visit websites, learn more about campaigns, and find a place of your own in this work. If you wish to suggest an organization or website to include here in the future, please email info [at] Readers are also encouraged to visit, a site that provided many of these entries.




Working to make violence against women and girls unacceptable

Centre for Health and Social Justice

Addressing health rights, reproductive and sexual health rights, masculinities and gender

MenEngage Alliance

Global network of more than 700 NGOs in 70 countries engaging men and boys to reduce gender inequalities and promote health and the well-being among women, men, and children.

Men and Boys, Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls view/9-men-boys.html/

Men and Gender Equality Work, European Institute for Gender Equality gender-equality/

Men, Boys, and Gender Equality – Engendering Men

Evidence on Routes to Gender Equality (EMERGE) project, IDS


Ending street harassment through a network of activists around the world.


A global fatherhood campaign

Instituto Promundo

Part of a global organization, the Brazilian institute works in Latin America with young men, youth and children to promote equality between men and women and the prevention of interpersonal violence Sexual Violence Resource Initiative collection on men and masculinities

Voice Male

Book and magazine chronicling antisexist men’s movement;


Asia and Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand)

White Ribbon Campaign


Coalition for Men Supporting NonViolence (Adelaide, Australia) Coalition-for-Men-Supporting-Non- Violence/168694416525404/

Tairawhiti Men Against Violence (TMAV)

New Zealand

Male Champions of Change (Australia)


A program for young men about masculinity, non-violence and relationships – Australia

Men Against Violence & Abuse (MAVA)

Mumbai, India working to stop and prevent gender-based violence by involving sensitive men.

Equal Community Foundation

Engaging men to end violence against women.



China White Ribbon Volunteers’ Network

MEN UNITE (Men Against Violence and Abuse Alliance) (India)

Cambodian Men’s Network CambodianMenNetwork

Men’s Action for Stopping Violence Against Women (MASVAW)/Centre for Health and Social Justice (India)



Sonke Gender Justice Project

HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Human Rights – includes “Men As Partners” project (South Africa)

Congo Men’s Network

Men for Gender Equality Now


Movement of Men Against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK)

Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre

Aims to mobilize Rwandan men to support women’s leadership, end men’s violence and act as role models for positive masculinity



EuroWRC (European White Ribbon Campaign)

White Ribbon Campaign

Profeminist Men Finland

White Ribbon Campaign UK

Working to get men to take a stand against violence against women


Resource center for men (Norway)

White Ribbon Campaign

(The Other Half, Ireland)

Hombres por la Igualdad. Ayto. de Jeréz de la Frontera

Pro-gender equality men’s program.
www.hombresigualdad. com/default.htm


Pro-gender equality men’s group (Leon, Spain) es.htm

Hombres Contra la Desigualdad de Genero (Men Against Gender Inequality)


Men for Gender Equality

Sweden (MÄN för Jämställdhet)


Swedish men’s centers addressing men in crisis

Working with Men


Profeminist Men Finland

NeMM, Netværk for forskning om Mænd og Maskuliniteter


Nettverk for forskning om menn


Maltese Men Against Violence Against-Violence/1437413136479124

Men opposed to prostitution

Der DISSENS mit der HERRschenden Männlichkeit (DISSENT to Dominating Masculinity)



Latin America & the Caribbean

Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN)

Complices por la equidad (Partners for Equality) mexico/

Red de Masculinidad por la Igualdad de Género (REDMAS)

(MenCare Nicaragua) A coalition of 22 Nicaraguan organizations working together on gender and masculinity issues with boys and men of diverse social backgrounds

Costa Rican Masculinity, Family and Sexuality (WEM)

(MenCare Costa Rica)

Heterodoxia. Hombres por la Igualdad

Provides information on profeminist issues for Spanish-speaking countries


Middle East

ABAAD (Dimensions)

Resource Center for Gender Equality (Lebanon)


North America

Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

Understanding men, transforming masculinities, promoting gender equality

Men Can Stop Rape

Washington, D.C.- based national advocacy and training organization mobilizing male youth to prevent violence against women

A Call to Men

Training and initiatives on ending violence against women

CONNECT | Safe Families

Peaceful Communities

Defying Gender Roles

Futures Without Violence

Working to end violence against women; programs for boys, men, fathers

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community


Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc.

Statewide Massachusetts effort coordinating men’s anti-violence activities

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Provides a coordinated community response to domestic violence

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

National resource hub relating to all aspects of sexual violence

National Resource Center on Violence Against Women

An online collection of searchable resources on domestic violence, sexual violence, and related issues

One in Four

An all-male sexual assault peer education group dedicated to preventing rape

Party with Consent

national campus campaign facilitating dialogue about preventing sexual violence


Utilizes online media to build community among people engaged in preventing sexual assault and relationship violence

Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)

A national anti-sexual assault organization

Voice Male magazine

MVP Strategies (mentors in violence prevention)

Men Advocating Real Change

An online community of men committed to making real change in the workplace

The Men’s Story Project

Engaging boys and men for healthy masculinities and gender justice

MERGE for Equality

Training and consulting to change the way we raise boys

Masculinity Project

Addresses the complexities of masculinity in the African American community masculinity

Men Against Sexual Violence

National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)

Out of the Man Box

curated collection on evolving masculinities

Men’s Resource Centre of Saskatoon

(Saskatchewan, Canada)

MASV (Men Against Sexual Violence)

Men working in the struggle to end sexual violence

Men Stopping Violence

Atlanta-based organization working to end violence against women, focusing on stopping battering, and ending rape

Men Against Violence (Yahoo e-mail list) menagainstviolence/

Alan Berkowitz, Rape prevention Preventing Sexual Assault; guidelines for consent in intimate relationships.

Michael Kaufman, violence prevention educator

Paul Kivel, violence prevention educator

Jackson Katz (anti-sexist activist)

Healthy Dating, Sexual Assault Prevention

(Mike Domitrz)

Teaching to Transform

Searchable Resources for Violence Prevention Education

Voices of Men

An educational theater piece exploring gender-based violence