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Next Gen Men – Canada’s Newest Gender Equality Leader


The Birth, Growth, and Future of Next Gen Men Jake Stika Canada’s Newest Gender Equality Leader

“Boys Will Be… Resilient” Jonathon Reed In late spring 2020, a message from an old high school friend showed up in contributor Jonathon Reed’s inbox. “Is there such a thing as positive masculinity?” he asked. “Or, should we drop it altogether?”

Men Finding Their Place in the Gender Equity Movement Veronika Ilich Next Gen Men is always striving for balance: standing in front (advocating in all-male spaces), standing beside (showing up in solidarity), and standing behind (supporting feminist leadership).

Teaching Boys and Young Men About Consent Jonathon Reed We talk with boys and young men about healthy relationships and consent.



How Can More Men Explore Their Inner Lives?
Andrew Reiner
The first time it happened, it was during the empty space, what Paul calls the “vacuum crisis.”

How My Parents Stood Up to White Supremacy: The Zimbabwe Freedom Struggle
Francisca Mandeya
Excerpted from the forthcoming book Searching for Racial Equality: An African Woman’s Urgent Call to Be Antiracist

Men: Join Women in Fighting the Threat to Reproductive Rights
Jackson Katz
“It’s on us to listen, to speak out, and to take action. Not because women are our mothers, sisters, wives or friends—but because women are people. And all people deserve to control their own bodies.” —Sen. Cory Booker

Men’s Organizations Support Access to Legal Abortion
Women and some men have been mobilizing around the world to protect women’s reproductive rights.

Ubuntu Declaration and Call to Action
The Ubuntu Declaration and Call to Action reflects key outcomes of the third MenEngage Alliance global symposium held from November 2020 through June 2021.

The Growing Power of #MeToo
Jonathan Renwick
The movement has shed light on harassers’ tactics.


From the Editor
The Big Lie Is Also About Reproductive Freedom
How is it possible that Texas can (with the force of law) control a woman’s reproductive life—banning abortion six weeks after conception, before most people are aware they’re pregnant—while declaring individuals, not the state, should decide whether or not to wear a mask, or get vaccinated to protect themselves from contracting Covid-19?


Men @ Work

Men on Love
Wrestling with Infinity
Robert C. Koehler
“People don’t use the word ‘love’ enough when they talk,” he said.

Luca’s Humanizing Vision of Masculinity
Jeffrey Nall
What’s revealed is a potent cultural bias that narrows the vision of masculine humanity.

Poems by George Bilgere, E. Ethelbert Miller