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A Journey from Male Privilege
Remembering Harry Brod
Challenging India’s Marital Rape Law
Ten Must-Read Books About White Masculinity and the Rise of Trump


When Two Generations of Men’s Groups Meet
Tom Weiner
For three decades, Tom Weiner has been part of a western Massachusetts men’s group (that’s been meeting for even longer). He is currently writing a book about men’s and women’s support groups, emphasizing the purposes they serve for their members and their role in society.

Gender, War, and Male “Disadvantage”
By Michael Flood and David Duriesmith
Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) complain that war is an important example of male disadvantage. They describe the higher rates of sex-selective conscription and the large numbers of deaths and injuries among male soldiers as a powerful example of how men are disadvantaged relative to women. This claim is flawed.

A Journey from Male and Privileged to Profeminist and Activist
Jon Greenberg
After leading my students, all high school seniors, on a field trip to a local domestic violence (DV) organization to get a better understanding of intimate partner violence, I didn’t expect to be the one to leave with an epiphany.

The Poison of White Male Supremacist Masculinity
Rob Okun
Like our slaveholding first president—not our current one—I cannot tell a lie: we must chop down the poisonous tree of white supremacist masculinity. I felt tears well up when I heard about the alt-right violence unleashed in Charlottesville on August 12. Some of my tears, though, were in frustration. How is it possible after all the years colleagues and I have been writing and speaking about the gender of the killers—from Columbine to Orlando—that coverage of murder suspect James Fields. Jr. failed to point out the obvious: he was a disaffected, alienated 20-year-old male.

Remembering Harry Brod
Harry Brod: A Mensch Among Men — Alan Heisterkamp
Mentor and Teacher, Colleague and Comrade — Michael Kimmel
Teaching to Heal the Wounds of the World — Michael Kaufman
A Committed and Vocal Ally — Jackson Katz

Challenging India’s Marital Rape Law
Durga M. Sengupta
How is it that there is an exception in India’s rape laws that allows sex without consent—rape—if a wife is older than 15?

The African National Congress Is Not Profeminist?
Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni
How is it possible that the African National Congress (ANC) still thinks the battles for women’s rights and feminism are somehow different? Separating women’s rights from feminism is the reason the ANC claims to be a “nonracist, nonsexist” organization, but patriarchy is rife in the party, according to a gender rights expert.

Why Does HIV Kill More Men than Women?
Jonathan Hopkins and Dean Peacock
When it comes to AIDS in Africa, there’s a simultaneous truth: men are far more likely to die from an HIVrelated illness than women, while women are becoming infected with HIV at a much faster rate.

The Soul Crushing of Boys and Men
By Kali Holloway
It is impossible to talk about Donald Trump—his election victory, his personal brand, his public persona—without also discussing toxic masculinity.

Ten Must-Read Books About White Masculinity and the Rise of Trump
By Jackson Katz
With the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s improbable election at hand, a torrent of books are being published that purport to analyze Trump’s political success and what it signifies and portends for the present and future of American politics. Many of these books appropriately address the “blue-collar billionaire’s” appeal to the ethnic bigotry and white nationalism that has long hidden in the shadows of American politics. But to date, precious few have correctly identified the central role played by gender—specifically white masculinity—in Trump’s rise as a political icon.


From the Editor
White Men’s Uncharted New World
After an op-ed I wrote following the violent Charlottesville white supremacist march was published, I received an email from a man who described himself as a “white heterosexual and male conservative with strong Christian beliefs,” who added, “I live in a world…that is forcing me out.” Struck by his candor, I have engaged in a wide-ranging, respectful email dialogue with Dan, a small business owner from South Dakota, edited excerpts of which begin below.

Male Bonding

Men @ Work

The Road
Richard Hoffman

Healing My Life From Incest to Joy by Donna Jenson
Review by Lea Grover