Five splayed Voice Male magazines

Believe in Gender Equality?
Ever Thought of Running a Magazine?

Voice Male is looking for a new publisher—someone(s) to take over running the magazine. It could be an individual, a university press, a gender studies program… The possibilities are limitless.

Started as the newsletter of the Men’s Resource Center in Amherst, Mass., in 1983, Voice Male’s reach has been felt across North America and around the world.

It has been chronicling the antisexist men’s movement for decades and published two editions of a wide-ranging anthology, VOICE MALE: The Untold Story of the Profeminist Men’s Movement.

Now You Can.

Its readers and contributors online and in print include key gender justice activists and change agents.

I began writing and editing for the magazine more than a quarter of a century ago. For the last dozen years, I have been publishing VM independently.

Now, it could be your turn.

If this possibility speaks to you—if you feel drawn to expand the reach of the magazine at this critical moment—please be in touch.

Write an email with your ideas, some background information about you and/or your institution—including relevant transferable experience—and send to

Share widely, please.


Rob Okun, Editor