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2017 Fall: Men @ Work

Transgender Leadership Initiative Eight organizations in six states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico were awarded AIDS United’s demonstration grants to increase transgender leadership within organizations, in community planning bodies, and in local networks to aid the response to HIV. Transgender women—especially transgender women of color—are more heavily affected by HIV than any other group in the US relative to population. Many barriers to good health face the transgender community, including violence and discrimination in housing, education and accessing health care. Often community leaders and policymakers are unaware of their plight. Supported by Janssen Therapeutics, the Transgender Leadership...

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2014 Fall: Men @ Work

              “It’s On Us” to Stop Sexual Violence Earlier this fall, the Obama administration launched the “It’s On Us” initiative, an awareness campaign to help put an end to sexual assault on college campuses. It’s On Us asks men, women, everyone across America, to personally commit to be part of the solution to ending campus sexual assault. “An estimated one in five women has been sexually assaulted during her college years—one in five,” President Obama noted. “Of those assaults, only 12 percent are reported, and of those reported assaults, only a fraction of...

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2014 Winter: Men @ Work

ED and Sex After Prostate Cancer Can robotic prostate surgery and erectile dysfunction medication help men have good sex lives again? A prostate cancer expert says yes. According to Dr. David Samadi, chair of urology and chief of robotic surgery at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital, sexual potency was restored in 85 percent of men  within 12 to 24 months of a robotic prostate surgery technique he has developed. The technique removes the walnut-size prostate gland without damaging the surrounding and highly delicate nerve bundles—key to helping men recover sexually. After surgery, urologists routinely recommend patients try oral...

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Protected: 2013 Summer: Men @ Work

Shedding Tears for the Decline of Men? Is the labor market in such bad shape that it’s deflating men’s chances of marrying—and causing a further fraying of the social fabric of the American family? Longtime business and economics columnist at The Washington Post Robert J. Samuelson thinks so. With nearly a half million people having left the labor force in the last six years, Samuelson believes the problem is only going to get worse: Even before the Great Recession, men who had only graduated high school faced lower wages and a harder time securing a job and as a...

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