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Dancing to Uncover a “New Maskulinity”

By Lacey Byrne It was the divine feminine in the movement that first drew me to ballet. That, and the striking costumes and the captivating stories. Of course, as a child, I did not see through the veneer of a woman being lifted high above a man’s head, never thought to challenge the patriarchal stories of romance. I grew up wanting to be a ballerina. I wanted to soar through the sky and be spun around endlessly. When I discovered feminism in college, I came down to earth. I put my love of ballet in the closet since it...

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What Do Women Have to Do With Men’s Healing? A Lot

By Lundy Bancroft and Rus Funk “We believe men need to think carefully about the assumption that women necessarily benefit when men work on their own healing,” write Lundy Bancroft and Rus Funk, longtime antiviolence activists and trainers. After reading “Women Supporting Men Supporting Men” by Frederick Marx in the Spring issue, Bancroft, author of Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men and When Dad Hurts Mom: Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse, and Funk, author of Reaching Men: Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors, and Violence, say “the thorny...

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The Arc of Gay History Bends Toward Justice

By Kevin Powell When Newsweek ran a cover story in May declaring President Barack Obama “The First Gay President,” a firestorm of responses, good and ugly, erupted. To be frank, I was shocked when Mr. Obama told Robin Roberts on ABC’s Good Morning America that he supported gay marriage. His administration had at first tried to backslide from Vice President Joe Biden’s comments on Meet the Press days before asserting he was “comfortable” with men marrying men, and women marrying women. But given that North Carolina had just voted “No” in an overwhelming manner on Amendment One, which blocks—among...

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When a Beloved Teacher Is Also a Rapist

By Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser This is the thing I don’t want to say: My son’s beloved community theater teacher raped one of his former students. The reason I say raped, not “allegedly raped,” is because he was convicted, and sentenced for having sex with a 14-year-old girl, a former student. Statutory rape. His conviction rattled me to the core. The experiences my son had under this theater teacher’s supervision were hugely positive. He and his family are people I like. I still can’t imagine he’d do something so terrible —and yet he did. When he was arrested nearly two...

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Staying Alive as a Stay-at-Home Father

By Gregory Collins There is a turd in the bathtub. Again. I have studied my daughter’s digestive patterns extensively, and I thought I had this sorted out. My calculus is off. Or maybe it is the plums. Never mind the turd. What the hell am I doing? I used to be someone with a lot of potential. How did I— dreamer of enormous dreams—reduce myself to this, to being a stay-at-home father? I despise it. And I despise that I despise it. But I can’t help it. I hate the routine. I hate the lack of stimuli. I hate...

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