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Spring 2017 Edition

The MenEngage Gender Equality Issue with reports from: Brazil, Congo, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Sweden, & Uganda Features Young Men’s Journey to Gender Equality in Kosovo by Maike Dafeld Besnik Leka promotes gender equality with CARE International’s Young Men Initiative in Kosovo. In an interview with Maike Dafeld, editor of Balkan Perspectives, he reveals why gender equality is closely linked to dealing with the past, and shares his personal motivations for working for gender equality. Changing Congo Men’s Attitudes on Gender Begins at Home By Odette Asha with Inge Vreeke “I couldn’t accept my share of his will if...

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Spring 2017: Men @ Work

Kudos for Kuros! A U.S.-based company is getting selfdefense products into the hands of women around the world. Kuros! recently donated 2,000 cans of pepper spray to women in the Philippines, where females are the daily targets of violence and sexual assault. Company founder Kuro Tawil says his business wants to give women “a fighting chance” at protecting themselves from assault and allowing them to live their lives without fear. “We are committed to changing women’s lives on a global scale,” Tawil said. For every Kuros! product sold, the company founder says, a can of pepper spray is provided...

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Mail Bonding

Countering Misogyny in the White House I learned a lot from reading the Voice Male anthology. Thank you for the important work you do to counter the misogyny that was revealed by the election campaign. I am appalled that an admitted sexual predator is now our President, and I was proud to march in Boston on January 21 with my wife and others from my Episcopal church. I’m hoping to get involved with a local organization that is working to end sexual and domestic violence. Keep fighting the good fight! Dan Fields Framingham, Mass. Helping My Sons Explore Privilege—and...

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To Be a Man

By Eric McGriff and Anthony McGriff When they were 16 and co-chairs of their high school’s White Ribbon antiviolence campaign, twin brothers Eric and Anthony McGriff began volunteering at Vera House, a domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention agency in Syracuse, N.Y., and say they have been working to end sexual and relationship violence ever since. They are now 23. I am a ride or die type of guy, This means that my loyalty is unwavering and I will never hesitate to throw that first punch. So if you ask me… “What does it really mean to be...

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Celebrating the Birth of a Girl

By Richa Singh The birth of a son in Haryana, a state in northern India, is celebrated by beating a thali, a steel plate. While a son is honored, a daughter’s birth is frowned upon. The birth of a son is a matter of prestige, proudly announced to the whole community. Neem branches are hung and sweets are distributed. All traditional rituals are performed, accompanied by a huge celebration. If a girl is born, however, only the most basic rituals are performed. In fact, if a family is “blessed” with two or more girls, their birth is actually mourned....

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