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Mentor and Teacher, Colleague and Comrade

Photo by Corey Wilson for St. Norbert College. Harry Brod was a huge figure in the field of Masculinity Studies. And I don’t mean that just physically, although his size and girth ensured that at every conference, every meeting, he would be noticed. Harry was among the few scholars who managed to fuse his academic interests with his activist sensibilities. He resisted the arbitrary separation of research and activism, and as a result he was both mentor and teacher, colleague and comrade, to so many over the years. The child of Holocaust survivors, Harry was trained as a philosopher....

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Harry Brod: A Mensch Among Men

“As a student, I remember being struck by how deeply Harry cared about what he taught. It was obvious that being a teacher and scholar was more than a job to him; it was a way to create a more just world. It truly mattered to him that you walked away from a class not only with more knowledge about topics like consent, racism, or masculinity, but that you also left with a greater commitment to doing something with that knowledge. He challenged us not just to learn, but to use what we learned to fight for a better...

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A Journey from Male and Privileged to Profeminist and Activist

By Jon Greenberg After leading my students, all high school seniors, on a field trip to a local domestic violence (DV) organization to get a better understanding of intimate partner violence, I didn’t expect to be the one to leave with an epiphany. On the bus ride back to school, I messaged my ex, who had been with me through many of those thrashing years of high school and college: “Whenever I hear about methods of control in DV situations, I hear echoes of a younger, waymore- insecure me. I am so sorry you had to deal with that...

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Gender, War, and Male “Disadvantage”

By Michael Flood and David Duriesmith Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) complain that war is an important example of male disadvantage. They describe the higher rates of sex-selective conscription and the large numbers of deaths and injuries among male soldiers as a powerful example of how men are disadvantaged relative to women. This claim is flawed. Yes, large numbers of men and boys are killed and injured in war. But they are sent to war largely by other men, in wars supported more by men than women, and where traditional masculinity has been central to justifications for war. It is...

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When Two Generations of Men’s Groups Meet

By Tom Weiner For three decades, Tom Weiner has been part of a western Massachusetts men’s group (that’s been meeting for even longer). He is currently writing a book about men’s and women’s support groups, emphasizing the purposes they serve for their members and their role in society. When his son Stefan told a friend about his father’s book idea, Ben Blackshear shared that he, too, is in a men’s group that has been together for two years. Intrigued, Tom began a relationship with the Brooklyn, N.Y.–based group, interviewing two members and attending one of their groups. The older...

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