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Mother Wound as Missing Link in Understanding Misogyny

What’s going on with men? That’s the question writer and women’s transformational coach Bethany Webster has been asking in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Noting that men and women alike are grappling with the sobering reality of rampant misogyny, she observes, “As a culture, we’re left to ask, why do so many men have the impulse to disrespect, hate or violate women? Where does that impulse really come from? And how do we stop it?” Continue Reading Mother Wound as Missing Link in Understanding Misogyny

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Swedish Men Join the Self-Reflection Movement

In Sweden, the #MeToo movement became a sensation on social media, with hundreds of men contacting the Swedish organization MÄN: Redefining Masculinity with important questions: “Could I have contributed to the suffering that the #MeToo movement has shed a light on? How can I contribute to being part of the solution?” Out of those questions has emerged a growing self-reflection movement within MÄN, the Swedish organization that’s been working to redefine masculinity for 25 years. Continue Reading Swedish Men Join the Self-Reflection Movement

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Time for a New Definition of Consent

By Noah Bogdonoff While not explicitly offering a feminist analysis of consent, Noah Bogdonoff’s refreshing take on the topic implicitly sees consent through a feminist lens. Men would do well to educate themselves about what respecting women really means—which for most men would necessitate education about basic feminist principles of equality. We need to fix our definition of consent I’m a sex educator. I teach about consent. I’ve taught my workshop on consent more than three dozen times in the past two years. I’ve taught it to middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students and even older adults. I’ve taught...

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If We’re Against Toxic Masculinity, Guys, What Are We For?

The ravages of toxic masculinity are now on full display. So is an unprecedented level of fighting against it. We should be at the forefront of the fight back. There’s much work to do. I am the father of boys ages 11 and 7. This moment is pushing me to try and raise them into men who reject toxic masculinity. Not to mention motivation to overcome my own struggles with it. Continue Reading If We’re Against Toxic Masculinity, Guys, What Are We For?

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