Advertising in Voice Male is easy! Check our rates and guidelines below. Please send all requests for ad space to

Currently we are only accepting ads for the physical magazine.

Rates by Dimension

All dimensions given are width x height.

Full page 7.75×9.75″ $395
1/2 page vertical 3.75×9.75″ $295
1/2 page horizontal 7.75×4.9″ $295
1/4 page vertical 3.625×4.875″ $195
Back cover 7.75×9.75″ $575
Inside back cover 7.75×9.75″ $500


Acceptable Ad Formats

Images must be a minimum of 300 ppi.
TIFF, EPS, or JPEG files only (no compression).
CMYK or Grayscale only (no RGB, Pantone, Spot, Lab, or Indexed colors).
Images should be in their final form. Please flatten all images (no layers, alpha channels, or transparencies) and embed all links.

Voice Male’s art director is available to create ads from your materials. The fee for ad design and production is $25/hr. Please inquire if you’d like an estimate.