Countering Misogyny in the White House

I learned a lot from reading the Voice Male anthology. Thank you for the important work you do to counter the misogyny that was revealed by the election campaign. I am appalled that an admitted sexual predator is now our President, and I was proud to march in Boston on January 21 with my wife and others from my Episcopal church. I’m hoping to get involved with a local organization that is working to end sexual and domestic violence. Keep fighting the good fight!

Dan Fields
Framingham, Mass.

Helping My Sons Explore Privilege—and Feminism

I purchased the Voice Male book several months ago when I started looking for books about feminism for men. I have five children, my eldest daughter is almost 17 and I have four sons (two sets of twins, 15 and 10). I’ve been a feminist my whole adult life and now that my children are exploring issues of privilege and intersectionality, I’ve been looking for resources for my sons that they can connect with. They are interested, open-minded and curious, but also challenged and overwhelmed by it all. Their sister is like their mom was at her age and pretty fierce, which means I spend a lot of time helping my sons navigate mixed and challenging feelings about masculinity and feminism—which is good, but hard work. I have a lot of empathy for the place they are in and there is a dearth of resources. I was delighted to find your book because there isn’t much out there, and I feel very strongly that unless we help boys navigate these challenges, we aren’t going to see the changes we need in our society.
My sons heard a “Men’s Rights” speaker recently which led to more questions and agitation about where they fit. I pulled out the book and encouraged them to read a few pieces to hear more male voices from a profeminist perspective addressing the issues this speaker brought up but from a different angle. I encourage my husband to talk to them about these sorts of things and although he’s supportive it’s hard for him, too. When I took the book out again, I realized that there was a current magazine and I really like the idea of having that in my house for whoever wants to take a look. It’s a more digestible format and I also really want to support your work. If you have other recommendations for resources for my sons I would welcome them!

Kirsten Goa
Edmonton, Alberta

The So-Called President: Male Ego on Steroids

Thank you for a glimmer of sanity, Rob Okun, couldn’t agree more with your thoughts about men needing to disavow Trump’s sickening, toxic display of psychopathic male ego on steroids—May all men everywhere take you up on the creation of healthy, real masculinity—women everywhere are literally dying for it.

Paki Wright
Editor, Bohemian Buddhist Review

Tackling Inequality in College Sports

I just discovered your website and am excited to read about your work. I am a college track coach wanting to work on tackling inequality in college sports. My interest was sparked by one of my good friends being pushed out of a coaching job because she had a baby. I recently began digging into academic research on women in coaching and have come to believe that the underlying cause of the challenges women face in achieving equity is the toxic masculinity you write about. I want to change the nature of collegiate sports! My primary interest will be creating equity for women and marginalized groups in employment in college sports.

Janine Kuestner
Cleveland, Ohio