A Natural Desire for Survival

Voice Male’s vision, expressed clearly and artfully, is and must be shared by as many as can see truth and beauty in this world. If we could believe Samuel Scheffler in Death and the Afterlife, humanity shares an unconscious, natural desire for survival. I am not as sanguine about our inherent character. Those of us who think about such big issues as these share a responsibility to humanity to teach and spread the word that goodwill, moral decision-making, and hard work to preserve these in all people are the only way to ensure our survival as a species.

Tom Vincent
Northampton, Mass.

Alaskan Seeking Peaceful Men

For 40 years I have lived the Alaskan dream, only slowly becoming aware of tragedies resulting from male and masculine attitudes. For the last 15 years I have been looking for evidence to prove the truth in my conclusion. I try to stay aware of news indicating we’re progressing toward a nicer, gentler world. I also write letters supporting pluralistic, diverse, peaceful and just ideas. So when I read Professors Jessie Klein and John Sanbonmatsu’s article, “To Stop Violence Against Women, Save Boys” in the Anchorage Daily News, I was pleasantly surprised. They totally shocked me when they mentioned Voice Male was founded about 30 years ago. They wrote that the magazine and other men’s organizations challenging violence “offer boys and young men a more compassionate model of masculinity based on developing caring and supportive relationships. Women are seen as allies, rather than as antagonists in a cosmic battle of the sexes.” My immediate reaction: “Where have I been in the last 30 years that I haven’t heard about you before now?” I am glad for your existence and the work you are doing.

Hugh R. Hays
Soldotna, Alaska


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