Mail Bonding


From War to Peace with Women

While it can be disheartening at times to read the litany of articles detailing the “War on Women” in feminist publications (though no fault of theirs; they’re just reporting the sad facts), I am always cheered by reading your magazine, heartened by the profeminist male community Voice Male inspires. Knowing there is a growing community of men who are standing as women’s allies—and who are taking steps to socialize other males into mo r e “whole” human beings themselves—is so encouraging.
Thank you.

Alissa Streletz Kissler
Arlington, Virginia


Seeking Vibrant Community of Men

I work for FISA, a charitable grantmaking foundation in Pittsburgh focused on improving the lives of  women, girls, and people with disabilities in southwestern Pennsylvania. We’ve had a longtime focus on domestic violence and sexual assault but are beginning to focus on primary prevention/engaging men as allies in ending violence against women. Ultimately, we’d love to support the development
of a vibrant community of men in our region who are allies, who actively intervene when other men are abusive, who talk to their sons about the fact that sex and relationships are so much better when you respect and value the other person and are treasured in return. Since we’re at the beginning stage of building relationships, learning the field, and assessing resources that might be helpful to us and our partners, we love having multiple copies of your magazine.

Kristy Trautman
Executive Director
FISA Foundation
Pittsburgh, Penn.


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