Welcome to Voice Male’s Men Supporting Feminism Campaign!

In the ongoing debate about the term feminism as a word for proponents of gender equality to use to identify themselves, men’s voices have been largely absent. We at Voice Male magazine have wholeheartedly endorsed feminism—and profeminism—since the publication began 30 years ago as a men’s center newsletter. Today, we are inviting men who feel similarly to step forward now to join us in our Men Supporting Feminism campaign.

It’s simple: Using all means of online expression at your disposal, please post a short statement or a photo or graphic on your Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter account beginning with the phrase, “I support feminism because…” Or, feel free to share one of the pre-designed images below in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Click here to read Voice Male Editor Rob Okun’s full commentary!


Download images below:

In English:

Violence Against Women

En Español:

1 ISF Coparent 2 ISF Coparent 3 ISF Gender Equality modern danceYoung black man and hispanic woman couple Happy father and girl.Asian family lifestyle 7 ISF Gender 8 ISF Stop Rape Image:


 9-ISF-Prevent-Violence8 ISF Stop Rape7 ISF Gender6-ISF-Daughter 5-ISF-parents14-ISF-More-than-Sports3 ISF Gender Equality2 ISF Coparent1 ISF Coparent



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