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Mass Shooters and Men’s Will to Change

By Rob Okun Enough is enough! Not another obfuscating word from you know who that “it’s not time to talk about gun control.” No more deflections that “he was a twisted individual; it’s a mental health issue.” No more hemming and hawing from the Speaker of the House and his coterie of National Rifle Association lackeys. As a total of 26 people—including an 18-month-old, a pregnant mother, and three of her five children—were being laid to rest in Sutherland Springs, Texas, there’s a common denominator among all of the shooters that we in the pro-feminist men’s movement are blue...

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Needed: A “Men Against Gun Violence” Campaign

Again. Worse than ever. A horrifying mass murder by a lone killer. This time in Las Vegas.
Republicans call for improved mental health screenings. Democrats revive demands for tighter gun control. Sure, fine; have at it.
Meanwhile a clue stares us right in the face, a key to preventing this madness and mayhem: The race and gender of the shooter. White and male. Again. Continue Reading Needed: A “Men Against Gun Violence” Campaign

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