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Why Does HIV Kill More Men than Women?

By Jonathan Hopkins and Dean Peacock When it comes to AIDS in Africa, there’s a simultaneous truth: men are far more likely to die from an HIVrelated illness than women, while women are becoming infected with HIV at a much faster rate. In East and Southern Africa, more than half (54 percent) of people dying of AIDS-related illnesses were men and boys, although they represent only 46 percent of those infected with HIV in the region, according to UNAID’s 2017 Global AIDS update. Why? Because fewer men than women get tested for HIV. Studies show that in East and...

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The African National Congress Is Not Profeminist?

By Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni How is it possible that the African National Congress (ANC) still thinks the battles for women’s rights and feminism are somehow different? Separating women’s rights from feminism is the reason the ANC claims to be a “nonracist, nonsexist” organization, but patriarchy is rife in the party, according to a gender rights expert. The ruling party and the ANC Women’s League recently came under fire after ANC Women’s League president Bathabile Dlamini supported former higher education deputy minister Mduduzi Manana after he was accused of assaulting women at a nightclub. Police confirmed they had opened a case...

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Challenging India’s Marital Rape Law

How is it that there is an exception in India’s rape laws that allows sex without consent—rape—if a wife is older than 15? By Durga M. Sengupta The Delhi High Court is currently examining this law and considering a legal challenge by NGOs opposing marital rape. Complainants include the RIT Foundation, the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA), as well as the Forum to Engage Men (FEM), a group of men fighting for gender equality, and against marital rape. While many progressive voices fight to establish marital rape as an offense, the Indian government has taken an altogether more...

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A Committed and Vocal Ally

I first encountered Harry Brod’s writing in 1988, when he published A Mensch Among Men: Explorations in Jewish Masculinity. I was still in my twenties, and hadn’t yet fully grappled with questions about my Jewish identity, and how and where that factored into my profeminist consciousness and activism. Then I read Harry, and some of the authors whose writing he had assembled, and it started to make sense. I could find meaning and insight into my own personal struggles about being not only a “white” man looking critically at gender, but a white Jewish man, because he and others...

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Teaching to Heal the Wounds of the World

I saw Harry Brod for the last time in November 2016. We were in Green Bay, Wisconsin, together with Michael Kimmel, for a two-day event honoring Harry at St. Norbert College. In the evening, the three of us spoke in the auditorium where we reminisced like the old codgers we were. We spoke about the early days of profeminist men’s scholarship and activism in the 1980s and its evolution since. We shared our thoughts on issues facing us all today. Here was our usual pattern: Michael or I would speak for several minutes and then, in about ten seconds,...

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