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Mass Shooters and Men’s Will to Change

By Rob Okun Enough is enough! Not another obfuscating word from you know who that “it’s not time to talk about gun control.” No more deflections that “he was a twisted individual; it’s a mental health issue.” No more hemming and hawing from the Speaker of the House and his coterie of National Rifle Association lackeys. As a total of 26 people—including an 18-month-old, a pregnant mother, and three of her five children—were being laid to rest in Sutherland Springs, Texas, there’s a common denominator among all of the shooters that we in the pro-feminist men’s movement are blue...

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Fall 2017 Edition

A Journey from Male Privilege Remembering Harry Brod Challenging India’s Marital Rape Law Ten Must-Read Books About White Masculinity and the Rise of Trump Features When Two Generations of Men’s Groups Meet Tom Weiner For three decades, Tom Weiner has been part of a western Massachusetts men’s group (that’s been meeting for even longer). He is currently writing a book about men’s and women’s support groups, emphasizing the purposes they serve for their members and their role in society. Gender, War, and Male “Disadvantage” By Michael Flood and David Duriesmith Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) complain that war is an...

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2017 Fall: Men @ Work

Transgender Leadership Initiative Eight organizations in six states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico were awarded AIDS United’s demonstration grants to increase transgender leadership within organizations, in community planning bodies, and in local networks to aid the response to HIV. Transgender women—especially transgender women of color—are more heavily affected by HIV than any other group in the US relative to population. Many barriers to good health face the transgender community, including violence and discrimination in housing, education and accessing health care. Often community leaders and policymakers are unaware of their plight. Supported by Janssen Therapeutics, the Transgender Leadership...

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