Your brave magazine, VOICE MALE, is bringing forward the new vision and voices of manhood which will inevitably ... create a world where we are all safe and free. Bless you for it. - Eve Ensler, Creator of the Vagina Monologues

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How are men adapting to new attitudes and ideas about manhood? What are fathers and mentors doing to raise kind, strong, emotionally intelligent sons and daughters? What are men saying to one another about gay rights and homophobia? Where are men and women finding common ground in working for gender justice? What is happening today with men and masculinity? Those are just some of the questions Voice Male has been exploring since its first issue in 1983.

Over the past three decades, what began as the newsletter of an antiviolence men's center has become an important publication chronicling the transformation of masculinities. The changes men have undergone, men's efforts following women in challenging men's violence, and men's ongoing exploration of their interior lives, are central to our vision. Voice Male honors both men’s and women’s contributions to promoting gender equality. It draws inspiration from the world-changing acts of social transformation women have long advanced and counts itself among a growing legion of activist male allies advocating for a new expression of manhood.

At this critical moment in the national conversation about men and masculinity, Voice Male has much to contribute. Please join us.

Nonviolent Men: The New Silent Majority
Editor Rob Okun's latest piece in Ms. magazine
'Wanted: Men to Change Masculinity Narrative
At Father’s Day this year, it was hard not to think about the fathers whose children were murdered in mass...
'Voice Male' editor Rob Okun sees move to healthier expressions of manhood
Check out Voice Male editor Rob Okun's latest interview in the Springfield Daily Republican.


Men and Boys for Gender Justice

From New York to New Delhi

By Rob Okun

Entitled menchildren in the National Football League spark renewed attention to the epidemic of domestic violence and child abuse. Brave young women speaking truth to power demand action to halt sexual assaults on college campuses. Pioneering profeminist men from around the world gather in India to engage men and boys to promote gender equality.

In the ongoing effort to transform manhood, the pace has been accelerating. From the White House to the 50-yard line, from Kolkata to Cape Town, the call for men to change, to be allies with women in the work of ending gender-based violence and redefining manhood, is growing louder. From the Obama administration’s ItsOnUs campaign to the Emma Watson–supported United Nations’ HeforShe, opportunities are also growing for men to add our voices to the global conversation about men and masculinities. By the time summer ended, I was feeling the need to slow down, to reflect on what’s been unfolding on the dizzying, windy road to gender justice.

I got my wish to decelerate on the weekend of the autumn equinox. I had been invited to participate in a weekend gathering at the Omega Institute, whose women’s leadership conference for the first time in its 12-year history included men. › Continue reading

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Nonviolent Men: The New Silent Majority

“Women want a men’s movement. We are literally dying for it.”
—Gloria Steinem

It’s way past time to put on the pads, guys. We’ve got to put our shoulders to the wheel of change if we’re going to stop domestic and sexual violence. Are you ready to suit up for the big game? Except, of course, it ain’t no game; the lives of our daughters and sisters, wives and mothers are on the line. › Continue reading

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In the War to Protect Masculinity, Hamas and Israel Make Strange Bedfellows

Benjamin Netanyahu and Khaled Meshaal


“A man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do. And a country’s got to do what a country’s got to do.” —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, July 21, 2014 interview on NBC News

Amid weeks of horror and unconscionable suffering in the Gaza Strip there is a truth hiding in plain sight: Wild West manhood is being played out in the Middle East. Shoot first; ask questions never. Tough talkin’ man up bluster, both from Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—poster boys for a strain of masculinity so toxic it’s infected thousands of young men on both sides. › Continue reading

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